24 Incredibly Funny Cheap Chinese Imitations

China is a huge country and is the home of many big companies such as Lenovo and Huawei. Besides this they are very popular for their cheap imitations. And also, China is a beatiful country.

You know what they say, imition is the sincerest form of flattery. And yes, they copy the biggest brands in the world, so that saying verifies.

Words are useless…

1.This is iPhone Winter Edition.

1 Incredibly Funny Cheap Chinese Imitations

2. Why not Joe? Just saying.

2 Incredibly Funny Cheap Chinese Imitations

3. I wonder what The Minions would say?!

3 dolce&banana Chinese Imitations

4. As in multiple?!

4 polystation Incredibly Funny Chinese Imitations

5. I think Nake is fake!

5 Incredibly Funny Imitations nake is fake

6. Is it the abreviation of a syndrome?!

6 Incredibly Funny Imitations

7. Walking on the street with my iPhones on.

7 Chinese Imitations

8. This is not an Apple unless is a mutant.

8 Incredibly Funny Apple chinese imitations

9. Never mind “Labial”, it’s all about the “Worker”.

9 Red labial

10. This is Hike, Mike’s brother!

10 hike chinese

11. Is it a tech company!?

11 michaelsoft

12. I bet they still write the wrong names on the cups.

12 sunbucks - china


13 funny imitation

14. Huh?

14 pizza huh funny imitations

15.  Kentucky Fried Goose?

15 Incredibly Funny Imitations

16. Since is Chinese I think it connects way too much people.


17. This is so Mcwrong.

17 Mcwrong

18. I wonder what jumbo tastes like?!

18 Incredibly Funny Imitations

19. It’s about the details!

19 Incredibly Funny Imitations

20. Does he do something special with  his left hand?

20 specialman - Cheap Chinese Imitations

21. Deads by Nani… dun dun dun.

21 deads by nani - Cheap Chinese Imitations

22. Reminds me of KitKat… 🙂

22 kitkat kicker chinese imitaions

23. If it’s extra, it’s extra.

23. extra - funny imitations

24. I think it pops.

24 Incredibly Funny Imitations

source Imgur

Oh boy, they suck at this!

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