A Brilliant Way To Scare Young Drivers Into Wearing A Seatbealt – The Convincer

This is the kind of stuff I’d like to see more police officers spending their time on. This is a brilliat lesson in which police officers teach students why they have to wear a seatlbelt.

Not wearing the seatbelt is one of the most stupidest things a man can do. Maybe young drivers (especially teens) do not realise that, but is our job to teach them.

The seatbealt can save your life or it can protect you in minimizing possible injuries.

Connecticut State Police teamed up with the University of Hartford Department of Public Safety to bring “The Convincer” to the UHart campus. So, the students were able to experience what a “5 MPH car accident” would feel like.

The machine really shows why personal safety should come first. You may think that 5 mph is a low speed, but we don’t drive our card on that speed, we go faster, but I think it’s enough for us to understand. Now watch the video and see what a 5 mph car accident feels like (I’m sure you can tell) and… convince yourself.


I’ll have to remember you that we drive faster than 5 mph. If you are not wearing your seatbelt, hope this will make you change your mind.

We need these in every single driving school. Is very educational. Better lesson to learn than the unfortunate alternative.

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