Amazing Reaction Of Dog Fighting Pit Bull When He Felt Love For The First Time

No dog should be “a fighting” dog.

There are so much common misconceptions about pit bulls. They are not good or bad, they are like other dogs yet they’re also unique. It depends on how we raise them.

If you want them to be some cruel killer and you train the dogs in that way, that is what you will get. But even so, all that dog will ever want is love and affection. A home were he can feel he’s loved and offers him serenity. He will need a good environment for that. The dog in the video below was raised to be a killer and even so you’ll see that deep inside he’s nothing but a big puppy.

To convince yourself  just look at this pit bull’s amazing reaction when he is shown love for the first time, even though he was raised to fight. You will hear him growling and whining.

He just wants to be cuddled, even if he might not know how yet. That’s all they ever want!

After seeing this video you know that you should forget everything the critics say about this wonderful breed. If you treat them properly, they will show you love and respect. All they want is a loving home.

And all he needs is love from someone who will treat him right.

Let your friends know about how loving this breed can be.

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