Tired Of Being Robbed, A Store Owner Set Up This Awesome Trap


Tired of seeing his store getting robbed multiple times and thieves always getting away, this store owner decided to take manners into his own hands. So, he set up an ingenious (and hilarious) trap. He installed special doors on the hallway of the store, creating a trap for thieves. All he wanted was for them to pay for their crimes by getting them and then handing them to the police.

After all of this, a burgler broke into the store again. And he gets trapped and as he becomes more desperate to escape the funnier it gets.

Look at the video to see what hapend when he tried to get away.


For this thief crime doesn’t pay… anymore!

The store owner took matters into his hands and made justice. Is not like he hurt that robber, although he deserved it, he just trapped him so that police could come and find him there and arrest him. Justice was served that day. Well done buddy, well done.

Now, every thief knows that if he tries to rob that man’s store, he’ll get caught and get what he truly deserves. Long time in jail.

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