7 Types Of Handshakes That Tell A Lot About Your Personality

We meet many people in our lives and it’s important to figure out what kind of person he/she is from the first meeting. A person’s gestures can show us more than we think about their personality, like a simple handshake. So here are the top handshakes types:

1. Sweaty Palms:

In general, this handshake denotes a shy and overactive/anxious personality.

2. Dead Fish:

You will feel like shaking hands with someone who’s hand is numb. This indicates a passive or reserved personality.

Dead Fish

3. Hand crusher:

Excepting the fact that this handshake is pleasant like having your hand run over by a car, it has nothing to do with strength as you may believe. This handshake shows the subconscious desire of being intimidating.

Hand crusher

4. Queen finger tips:

Is that kind of handshake where only the fingers meet. It is usually seen when people of a higher order have to shake their hands with subordinates. (Peasants!) 🙂

Queen finger tips

5. The Hand Hugs:

This handshake expresses warmness, friendliness, honesty and trustworthiness. It is usually seen among politicians. I know, how can we put politician and honesty  in the same place? Because they always want to show us their “honesty”.

The Hand Hugs

6. The Shug!

It is the combination of a handshake and a hug. This type of handshake generally shows love and affection. (it may occur after 8-9 beers)

The Shug

7. The Dominator!

This handshake is about power. People that feel powerful will place the hand on top with their palm facing the ground. You can use this handshake in your favor if you want to make someone feel important or powerful, for example your boss/future father-in-law.

The Dominator

(h/t skithub)

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