Epic Footage Of Whales Swimming Under the Northern Lights

The impressive video of cameraman Harald Albrigtsen captured epic images of two phenomena, humpback whales swimming beneath the northern lights (aurora borealis). This is a once-in-a-lifetime shot for a movie maker.

The Norwegian cameraman works for the Norwegian media company NRK. The footage was shot along Norway’s coast (island Kvaløya near the city Tromsø).

“After a few hours I was about to give up,” he said, according to EarthTouch. “But then they turned up again. I did not even know if everything was in focus … It was like a dream.”

Watch and enjoy the video below:

[tip: watch this with the sound on]

Yes, Harald Albrigtsen was right, it is like a dream. It looks surreal. These images look like were take from a magical world where everything is perfect and there are no worries and sadness. I’m so glad he managed to capture this epic images of two beautiful phenomena.

I hope you’ve listened with sound, it’s even better. Is like you are there, you are watching live and it makes you feel like you are connected with nature. In a way, we are more connected with nature than we think.

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