Luxurious BMW (£200,000) Destroyed With A Hammer By Angry Wife

Luxurious BMW Destroyed With A Hammer By Angry Wife2

Woman ruins £200,000 BMW with a hammer after alleged affair

After discovering that her husband was having an affair, wife took revenge on spouse’s luxury BMW with a hammer. The whole scene took around 20 minutes in witch the angry woman caused severe damage to the car. So she ruins a £200,000 BMW with a hammer… I know I don’t want to stand face to face with this woman.

The footage was filmed by a passerby in southern China, in a car park in Shenzhen at around 6pm local time on October 19.

When a security guard tried to stop her from destroying the car, she replied: “This is my car, it’s none of your business. This car is too dirty, a car that’s used by a whore is too dirty.  Who’s going to open the bonnet for me? I want to smash the inside” according to witnesses.

Check out the whole scene in the video below captured by a passerby.


Reportedly, this incident took place outside the husband’s workplace and he couldn’t care less that his wife is damaging his car, apparently saying: “Let her smash it. I can just get it repaired”.

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