Plus-Size Pole-Dancer Inspires Thousands Of Women Around The World

Screen-Shot-Plus-Size Pole-Dancer Inspires Thousands Of Women Around The World

Let’s start by saying that Eda Marbury is doing what she loves and proves that size really doesn’t matter.

She is an accountant coordinator from Missouri and has always had issues with her body weight and a difficult relationship with food. The former anorexic reveals that in high school she “didn’t eat”, often preparing meals and then convincing herself she was too sick to actually eat them.

After meeting her husband in college she began eating again, but this also turned against her by reaching 330lb so she became depressed.

“I was a very closed off person and I didn’t really discuss a lot of the issues that were going on in my life. I was in denial about my weight because I just refused to believe that I gained that much weight. That mind-set prevented me from doing a lot of things, like going to concerts with [her husband] or going to baseball games – I just didn’t want to go anywhere around people.”

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Eda-Maybury - Plus-Size Pole-Dancer Inspires Thousands Of Women Around The World

Struggling to lose weight and regain her confidence, Eda began to exercise at the gym and had no results, so she decided to take pole dancing lessons. This helped her lose 65lb in a few weeks.

She has stunned her friends and family with her flexibility and they are overjoyed about what this has done for Eda’s personality and confidence:

“Before I started pole I wouldn’t wear make-up, I didn’t like to take the time to look after myself. […] But now I feel more confident and I have friends. The way I dress has changed, and I’ve started to care a little bit more about what I’m wearing and how I do my hair.”

The decision to make her story public has inspired thousands of people around the world and in turn they encourage her to continue.

She deserves a never ending round of applause!

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