26 Dumb People Who Asked To Get Roasted And Were Destroyed By The Internet

How foolish do you have to be to ask people to make fun of you? Thats like saying “hey put a kick me sign on my back” and see what happens. People are so dumb, you ask and shall receive.

They didn’t just asked their friends, but the worldwide internet… It’s even worse. We all know that strangers, especially on the internet, will always be way meaner to you. So, here you are 26 dumb ass people who asked the internet to roast them.


1. “You look like you can’t keep a boyfriend much longer than you can keep a meal down”

roast me 1

2. “We’re here to roast people, not potatoes”

roast me 2

3. “I bet you still invite yourself to your classmates’ sleepovers”

roast me 3

4. “If <<unenthusiastic handj*b>> had a face, this would be it”

roast me 4

5. “Are you holding the handle of your gigantic toothbrush”

roast me 5

6. “Your parents must be furious with the one child policy”

roast me 7

7. “I bet you got a freckle for each time you got fu***d in college”

roast me 6

8. “You would probably be cast as generic girl #5 in a movie”

roast me 8

9. “You look like a young Bill Gates, but instead of developing Microsoft, you developed AIDS”

roast me 10

10. “You don’t even own a can opener, huh?”

roast me 9

11. “Was it tough raising Bam Margera?”

roast me 11

12. “She’s a stay at home Xanax and Chardonnay wife”

roast me 13

13. “You look like a ventriloquist’s dummy used to teach kids about side effects of incest”

roast me 12

14. “Her eyebrows are the reason your office keeps running out of toner”

roast me 15

15. “You don’t have a chin, you have a tumor”

roast me 14

16. “You look like your name is the same as cheap obnoxious perfume you smell like. Jazmyn or something”

roast me 16

17. “Did you weave that sweater with the pluckings from your eyebrows?”

roast me 19

18. “Something tells me this isn’t the most ammount of mon they’ve had in that bathroom”

roast me 17

19. “If you ate all the makeup maybe you’d be beautiful in the inside”

roast me 20

20. “How far are you going to take this Amy Winehouse thing? Hopefully all the way”

roast me 22

21. “Did you draw your face?”

roast me 21

22. “It looks like your beard is made up of the hairs you waxed off your t*ts”

roast me 24

23. “Both of you secretly think you’re the pretty one. Both of you are wrong.”

roast me 23

24. “What is she amodel for? Depression?”

roast me 25

25. “You should have held up that sign during your mom’s ultrasound, and saved everyone a lot of trouble”

roast me 26

26. “You guys have enough extra chromosomes to make a 4th friend”

roast me 27

They were served right! Just got what they deserved. And when you think most people are fighting against bullying…

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