Dad Fulfills Daughter’s Wish By Building A Fairy Tree In Her Room

Having a child is a blessing for anybody. Parents do everything that stands in their power to provide what’s best for their young ones, and making sure they have everything they need becomes a full time job.

When parenting bring fairy tales to life

Imgur user radamshome, father of a girl, posted an album to show the whole world how he responded to his daughter’s request of having in her room a fairy tale tree.

The little girl wanted the fairy tree because she wanted to have a special space where she could sit and read. Her dad couldn’t say no so he started to work in order to fulfill her wish.

He did some research and got inspired by a Disney set-design. The cost of materials for the entire project was about $4,250, including the renovations of the room. He worked about 350 hours in 18 months.

Besides the fact that the end result looks surreal, the man even went to the local fire department to make sure the materials he was about to use won’t put his girl’s life in danger in case a fire broke out.

It’s true that love has no limits!

He definitely wins the 2016 Father of the Year award.

Check out the photos!

Building A Fairy Tree


Building A Fairy Tree


Building A Fairy Tree


Building A Fairy Tree


Building A Fairy Tree

Here is a photo gallery of the entire project:

I built a tree in my daughter’s bedroom

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