This 200km/H (125m/H) Car Crash Test Shows You The Terrifying Results Of Speeding

Safety first, right?!

Some people don’t realize how dangerous speeding is for them and for others. Maybe they are not aware of the possible consequences. They think to themselves “Relax, this won’t happen to me”.  But what if it does?!

Although modern cars are packed with active and passive safety systems designed to keep their occupants safe in case an unwanted incident occurs, it’s still up to the driver to decide how the car will be driven.

The car crash test you’re about to see shows you what a 200 km/H (125m/H) crash looks like.

If you have friends that really enjoy speeding you should share this with them!

I have to warn you, the footage can be found disturbing!

Suddenly speed traps make a lot of sense now!

Stay safe, drive safe!

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