Fuel Thieves Suck Up S**t In Incredibly And Disgusting Confusion

In case you didn’t know there are thieves specialized in stealing fuel from the fuel tanks. In order to do so they stick a hose pipe into the tank and suck really hard through it, then they drain it into a waiting container.

In our case, the thieves weren’t “specialized” at all. During the night they tried to steal the oil from the tank of a parked bus and they accidentally accessed the sewage tank of the buses on board toilet.

The next morning whe the driver returned to the bus he found the cap from the lavatories exit pipe on the ground along with a small brown puddle. He called the police in Laverton, Western Australia and after inspecting the “crime scene” they concluded that most likely the thief or thieves got a mouthful of poo instead of their precious gasoline.

Seeing the funny side of this case, the local police tweeted this:



Sen. Sgt Heath Soutar from the Laverton Police told Yahoo: “We can infer they beat a very hasty retreat, with a somewhat bitter taste in their mouth.”

He also added that police officers “have absolutely zero interest” in recovering the stolen goods. We hope that local police will crack this case soon.

Now this is what I call a s**ty situation.

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