It Will Shock You To See What Happend To a Chinese Woman After Eating Raw Pork For 10 Years

People are quite paranoid about eating raw pork. And they have a good reason: the parasites.

But a Chinese woman ate raw pork for a decade and as a result her body is riddled with parasitic worms and cysts. Results of the analysis show this terrifying truth:

eating raw pork for 10 years


eating raw pork for 10 years 2


The most common parasite is trichinella, a roundworm that can infect humans. It causes facial swelling, gastronomic distress, fever and in extreme cases death. Decades ago it used to be a huge problem and the best way to avoid it was cooking pork all the way through. Also, pork is susceptible to pathogens like listeria and salmonella, more so than beef. This kid of pathogens hang out on the surface of the meat and are easily killed if we cooked it.

“The reason why people cook pork until it’s black is because in the old days, trichinella was a lot more widespread,” says Dr. Keith Warriner, a professor of food safety at the University of Guelph.

So we can tell that is not all hysteria.

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