Steve Harvey Thought The Cameras Were Off And What He Said Left His Audience Floored

It is a known fact that Steve Harvey, after taping every episode of Family Feud, spends a few moment and talks to the people in the audience. Usually it’s just small talk with a little bit of Harvery’s sense of humor. But this time his aftershow speech was different and didn’t aim to make his audience laugh.

When he thought the cameras were off, he discussed about what it means to be happy and successful in life. Family Feud’s host believes success will never come without happiness and fulfillment.

All we have to do is “jump”.

“If you don’t jump, your parachute will never open.” This is probably one of the best motivational speeches I’ve ever heard. He is 100000% right. If you don’t jump, how will you ever know. You have to take chances. I just got a lot of respect for him. Well done sir.

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