Genius Way To Sneak Into Movie Theather Invented By Two Best Friends

Screen-Shot-Genius Way To Sneak Into Movie Theather Invented By Two Best Friends

Two best friends have achieved a lifelong dream.

Matthew and his friend Bo Johnson, a Youtuber, have managed to sneak into a movie theather while dressed as one person. They created a human fat suit and shared the shirt. Basically one of them dressed up in very large clothing and the other one was hidden under the shirt. So they’ve entered into the theater as one person, a very big person. This may look like an idea for a cartoon episode, but these guys managed to pull it off.

How did they pulled it off? Well, the guy who was hidden had to wrap his arms and legs around his friend’s body. Also they had to use a an oversized belt to help keep him properly suspended so that he won’t slip down. The guy amazingly managed to hold his uncomfortable possition while his friend went in and bought a ticket. Then they went inside the theater.

They have not done so because they could not afford to pay the ticket, it was all just for fun. According to the video’s description, this was a lifelong dream came true.

I can totally imagine the thoughts going through the ticket seller’s head. “Excuse me are you actually 2 people trying to pass as one?” That is not an accusation you go throwing around…



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