What Happens After This Man Kills A Spider Will Crawl Into Your Nightmares

What Happens After This Man Kills A Spider Will Crawl Into Your Nightmares

Australia is known all over the world for it’s creatures who want to kill you or to poison you, or both. So the most WTF videos arise. I believe that Australia has only two opponents when it comes to WTF videos: Russia and Japan. But definitely Australia is the winner.

The poor man in the video below has the bad luck of living in a place where at every step there is an imminent danger. But he is well prepared and when he sees a giant spider in his house he sprays it (with the real deal bug killer spray).

And he thought that the worst part is over now. But no. He understood how truly messed up his country’s creepy crawlies are. You can tell I’m right if you look at his description on Youtube: “Ok so i was just editing my latest montage and this huge spider came out, so i sprayed it and killed it, then this fricken alien worm came out of it!!!”.

A spider worm, which is also known as a Mermithidae, came out of that giant spider’s belly. This parasite takes control of its victim’s nervous system. And it does one more creepy thing, it eats the creature’s muscles. While spiders can frighten any animal lover, it seems that they have an enemy.

This video started an avalanche of comments, including: “Just what in the sweet, holy, blessed reaches of sacred heaven is this???!! ” and ‘Kill it with fire”.


photo screen shot from video

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