Awesome Tricks You Could Do With Your Tape Measure You Never Knew About!

Awesome Tricks You Could Do With Your Tape Measure You Never Knew About 2


Who doesn’t have a tape measure in his house? Well, I think everyone has one. You don’t realize how important this tool is until you need one. And somethimes can be really tricky to use it. But, every probleme you face when using a tape measure has a solution built in and you might not even know about it. If you don’t use tools everyday you might not know that this one in particular has some secret features.

Thanks to Leah Bolden’s Youtube channel we can all learn some cool tricks that we can do with the tape measure. But this isn’t the only thing she is showing us on her channel. She is a seasoned building constructor  with over 20 years experience and she wants to educate people, especially women and beginner DIY-ers, on how to repair or to make things. Or how she likes to put it, “to take the mystery out of all things mechanical, so that people can fix, renew, and restore their own stuff.” You can check her youtube channel for more of her videos.

Today we’re going to present you her video showing awesome tricks which you can do with the tape measure. So here you are a video with some truly surprising information that shows you some handy ways to use your tape measure.

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