This Is What Happens When You Type Into Google

This Is What Happens When You Type Into Google dront

Everytime you have a dilemma or when you are in the middle of an argument with a friend of yours about a certain subject you simply pick up your smartphone and Google that particular information. This is how all of us see knowledge in 21st Century. Due to this and their pay per click advertising programs, as of yesterday, Google is the largest company  in the world.

There are several serches you can type into Google just for fun, like “do barrell roll” (if you haven”t tried it yet, you should, trust me). The newest query to search is “”.

This Is What Happens When You Type Into Google 2


The first result that Google will display is Donald Trump’s wikipedia page. Also, if you type “” into your browser, you will land on the same Wiki page because someone bought the domain and redirected it.

For Hillary Clinton’s fans, this crazy stunt sounds like a good, in fact it’s the perfect idea. And I think it could help her campaign since there are only a few days left until the election.

This prank takes trolling to a hole new level and it comes just after Trump suffered a crushing defeat in Iowa to Ted Cruz.

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