11 Amazing Photos That Show The World From A Different Angle

This world is a beautiful place, but sometimes we tend to forget this because we see it (places, people, things) from the same angle every day. But if we had the chance to look at the world from the perfect angle so that we can see the whole “picture”, we’ll be surprised of its beauty.

In order to see its beauty you have to stop and take a step to the side. You will be surprised how different and wonderful and amazing things are around you.

1. The Chateau Artisan in Miami, wich is 14-acre estate, based on traditional French palaces.

The Chateau Artisan in Miami


2. Bodybuilder Martyn “Nightmare” Ford next to a fan at a fitness expo.

Bodybuilder Martyn Nightmare Ford


3. The Natural History Museum in Shanghai features a huge glass wall structured like the cells of animals and plants.

The Natural History Museum in Shanghai


4. The city of London at midnight.

The city of London at midnight


5. This man striking while the iron is hot and the picture is the result of a long exposure.

Amazing Photos hot iron


6. Winter in Russia, seen from the International Space Station.

Amazing Photos winter in russia from the iss


7. Astronomers observed this galaxy, which has little of the cosmic dust that often obscures views of large bodies in space.

Amazing Photos galaxy


8. A kestrel flying really close to the ground.

Amazing Photos kestrel


9. An amazing detailed sculpture of a skull created by Team Wisconsin at the Breckenridge International Snow Sculpting Championships in.

sculpture skull by Team Wisconsinvia

10. Leonardo DiCaprio’s wounds are applied for his character in The Revenant.

Leo DiCaprio gets makeup applied for his wounds in The Revenant.


11. Tree bent by storm.

tree bent


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