10 Of The Weirdest Chocolate Gifts You Can Give To Your Bae


Valentine’s Day is almost here. Are you excited? Yeah me neither.

However, if you are in a relationship (since you’re reading this article I bet you are) I’m pretty sure you want to surprise your better half (and I’m also sure you want some action, if you know what I mean) so you’re searching for that special idea. You want to be original and stand out, and I can’t blame you.

This year, you can add a twist to the gifts you’re be giving to your valentine, a twist that will make things a little bit more fun.

So take a look at these strange chocolate delights before you spend way to much money at your local florist (I’m not saying it’s wrong to buy flowers, but they are becoming a cliche…), because some girls may prefer an original gift instead.


1. Wasabi Chocolate. She’ll either love it of hate it.

Wasabi Chocolate.

2. Sun-dried tomato chocolates.

sun-dried tomato chocolates

3. Potato chip chocolate bar.

potato chip chocolate bar

4. A heart shaped chocolate. Literally!

heart shaped chocolate

5. Chocolate covered onions.

Chocolate covered onions

6. Chocolate covered bacon strips. Because bacon!

Chocolate covered bacon strips

7. Chocolate body paint.

Chocolate body paint

8. Pizza shaped chocolate.

Chocolate pizza.

9. Chocolate anuses.

Chocolate anuses

Chocolate anuses2


10. Incredibly weird chocolate babies.

incredibly weird chocolate babies

I think you’re iamgination is going place, but take a second or two to think about it. Don’t rush into things. Make sure you make the best decision.

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