In Japan, Lunch Time Is A Learning Period And Places The Rest of The World In The Lazy Corner

Watch What School Lunch Is Like In Japan. It's Much More Than You Can Imagine 2


In Japan, elementary schools take a different approach to lunch recess in comparison with, basically, the rest of the world: lunch time is considered a normal learning period in the children’s school day just like Math, Science etc. This way they get used in having responsibilities from an early age. All countries should get inspired from how Japanese students operate their lunch period and implement it in their schools.

This video got me all messed up: on one hand it’s amazing, and on the other hand it’s putting the rest of the world’s educational systems in the lazy corner with the dumbass hat on. But I guess we deserve it. Bravos Japan, bravos!

See for yourself and get inspired:


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I’m impressed on how those children thanked the staff (“thank you for cooking our delicious meal”) for preparing their meal, their colleagues (“thank you for serving us”) and to their teacher for teaching them. It looks like they live on a different planet. I think it’s easier for me and my kids to go and live there and educate them that way, than trying to educate them in this direction right here.

If those kids from Japan could see how our children take their lunch, how shocked would they be?

Again, bravos Japan!

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