This Girl Was Hilariously Pranked By Her Brothers After She Woke Up From Surgery

Everybody knows that reality has a different rythm after a surgery, especially in those few hours that are needed to come around from anesthesia.

Millicent went to the dentist to get her wisdom teeth removed and of course she was anesthetized. Of course her brothers knew she’ll be high after the surgery finishes. So, this girl’s brothers decided to take advantage of their sister’s after the surgery foggy state so they pulled off one of the coolest and funniest prank possible. And they convinced their sister that a zombie outbreak has hit their city. They even recorded their voices and played them in the car making it seem there was a real warning on the radio.

“The center for disease control in Washington DC has issued a viral outbreak  warning. State and local officials have reported cases of high fever, nausea, death and even cannibalism. Stay in place until further notice”.

This is what they’ve recorded and play. When she heard those word… she went crazy. Every member of the family was involved in this prank, even their mother. Poor girl, I wouldn’t want to be in her place.

Now enjoy the video:


Siblings, you gotta love them or hate them.

Believe nothing after you just had surgery!

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