This Map Sums Up The Craziest Laws Of Each US State. Most Likely You’ve Broken A Few

Sometimes, laws make no sense in nowadays because they haven’t been updated in ages. Some of our politicians don’t seem to bother in updating them or to repeal them. But what to expect from them, to look up for our interests? Yes that is why we give them our vote. But they don’t seem to really care about our interests… politicians will never ever change, at least not as much as we want them to.

Here are a few examples: in France, it’s against the law to name a pig Napoleon, and you also are not allowed to take pictures of police vehicles. In Germany, according to its law, a pillow can be a passive weapon, and also tuning a piano at midnight is against the law. Citizens of Egypt and Australia might get locked up if they don’t vote.

Returning to the US, you’ll find a big amount of weird/ridiculous laws for each state. They were put together in a map by Olivet Nazarene University in Illinois.

Now see for yourself and remember to always respect the law!

This Map Sums Up The Craziest Laws Of Each US State. Most Likely You've Broken A Few

olivet nazarene university

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