He Walked His CAT On Leash At a DOG Show – Dogs Reaction PRICELESS

Professional animal trainer Robert Dollwet, with 34 years experience, wanted to see what happens when different dogs go nose to nose with his cat, so he did an experiment. He walked his cat Boomer, a Bengal, on leash at a dog show where there were about 50 dogs.

You should know that Boomer is a trained cat. He knew that she is confident and she would “behave”, but he wanted to see the dogs reaction.

Although this is a very beautiful cat breed, Bengal cats are not for everyone, because they are not lap cats and they generally don’t like to be held. Since when they are kittens, they must do daily exercises. Some other things you need to consider if you would like to have one is that they are extremely mischievous and they know how to meow louder and more often the most breeds.

Coming back to Boomer, when the dogs saw the her, they must have thought: “its on a leash so it must be one of us right?…right???”, and their reaction is priceless. We can say that Boomer made 50 friends in one day.

So watch what happens when Boomer meets 50 dogs at a dog show:

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