Chemical Reaction Brings Dead Fish Back To Life

I know you have seen all kind of crazy, creepy things on the internet. The web is full of creepy pictures and videos or even stories. But, trust me,  you haven’t seen this one. I’m telling you this sh*t is insane. And it scared the hell out of me. I don’t know about you, but I’m not weak of heart.

This woman was preparing her family dinner when she found herself in a creepy situation. After she skinned and gutted two dogfish, things become really weird when they started to move and appear to become fully alive.

Now imagine that you are in this woman’s shoes and you are the one that descovers a fish can move although he’s dead. I mean real dead.

This “zombie apocalypse” is actually nothing more but the result of a chemical reaction that formed between the lemon juice, salt and aluminum foil. The lemon juice and salt are electrolytes and in contact with aluminum foil created electrical impulses, which stimulates the nerves, making the dogfish “come back to life”.

All it’s left to say is, crazy!


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