Wife Scares Her Husband With Constant Scare Prank. You will not stop laughing!

I just love couples that prank each other. I think it’s a sign that those two have a healthy, normal relationship. Yes, sometimes maybe they go way too far with some pranks, but that is the point. The other person gets mad and it gets competitive in returning the prank back even funnier.

So, we present you a couple from Australia. She loves to scare her husband, and he gets easily scared and that is the fun of it.

Maiya and Walter are a couple from Queensland, Australia, and she loves to scare prank him. Maiya knows that her husband is easily spooked so she decided to use this knowledge and make a funny video compilation. She hides several times and screams “aahh” and her husband screams and jump in response every single time.

So, she has put together a compilation of herself constantly scaring the death out of her husband. Although these hide-and-seek clips are made for fun, we kinda start to feel sorry for him. However, he takes them as a man and his hilarious reactions give us a good laugh.


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