Adam Levine Sings “Purple Rain” And Blows The Audience Away. WOW!

Adam Levine Performs Jaw-Dropping version Of “Purple Rain”

At Howard Stern’s 60th birthday celebration in 2014, were present hundreds of celebrities. But the show was stolen by Adam Levine’s Purple Rain cover. The video footage of his performance was released recently after Prince’s tragic death. With his version, Adam Levine blew the audience away, literally!

It is known that Levine found a great deal of inspiration in Prince and he said: “(I’ll remember) just the great times that we had and just constantly being inspired by how he did things his way (and) never let anybody deter what he wanted to accomplish creatively and musically. As a musician, I can’t tell you how much that’s rubbed off on me.”

The guitar solo at 3:45 in the video below is simply WOW. Check it out:

I just got goosebumps watching this, and to be honest, I just put it on repeat. He is so great and he did an amazing job. Not to mention, that guitar solo was truly incredible.

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