Hilarious Video Shows Dog Trying To Eat Chips Through Glass Table

Dogs would eat nonstop!

If you are a dog owner you already know that when you and your family eat, the dog lurks around the table hoping he/she will get some food. And you also know this happens all the time, everytime. Somehow, being fed is just not enough for them. Dogs know that our food is tastier than their.

Of course, this isn’t the case for all dogs. Some of them know that they will be fed sooner or later, but in most cases, they instantly turn into beggers when they realize the family is about to eat.

A couple of dog owners decided to have a little fun with their dog’s everlasting apetite. In the video you are about to see the dog is sitting underneath a glass table expecting some food. When his owner puts some chips on the table, he desperately tries to eat them waggling his huge tongue on the glass but remains confused.

“Our dog doesn’t quite understand the glass dining table” the owner writes.

This is probably the funniest video you’ve watch all day. I will definitely buy a glass table and try this with my dog. It’s a little bit cruel, but is funny AF.


And if I think about it, this could be a good dieting technique. 🙂

Too funny LOL I am sure he had plenty after his owner recorded this video.

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