A Terrified Child Is About To Testify In Court. Now Watch What These Tough Bikers Do

Bikers Against Child Abuse - A Terrified Child Is About To Testify In Court

When I think about bikers this is what comes into my mind: big, strong, noisy, bar fights and of course Harleys. I know, stereotypes. But as you are about to find out not all of them fit the description and this is a really good thing. Appearances can easily can be deceiving and most of the stereotypes are, in general, wrong.

The video you are about to see will definitely make you change the way you see bikers.

Fortunately there are people who get involved in the lives of children who are going through unfortunate situations. This what Bikers Against Child Abuse International (BACA) does.

“The kid looks at us, concentrates on us knows we’re there for them” said a BACA member.

It’s so incredibly sad that there’s a need for these folks, but I’m glad they are there for the kids!



You can also get involved by sharing this story with your friends and family and also check BACA‘s website and see how you can help.

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