See These Natural Home Remedies Using Onions

In almost every meal, onions are the supreme ingredient, but giving taste to food is not all what onions can actually do. This vegetable has lots of health benefits that you might not know about.

Some of your health issues can be treated in a cheaper and faster way. Or if you just have some troubles in taking pills, onions can do the trick.

And as you’ll find out, this bulb is also a highly versatile natural remedy which can be used in several situation.

1. Burns


Just cut an onion in half and press it on the burn until your pain fades away. Onions have antiseptic properties in their juices wich reduce the risk of infection and prevent scarring. Also, it’s juice is an analgesic.

2. Detox


Onions can absorb bacteria, so if  a member of your family catches a virus or a flu, you can cut a few bulbs and leave them around your house. This way you’ll prevent the virus from spreading.

3. Insect Bites


If a bug bite starts to hurt and swell, simply apply an onion on the bump and it will reduce the pain and the swelling and extract the poison.

4. Earache


If you have an earache, cut an onion, take the core, place it in your ear and leave it overnight. The ear wax will soften and the pain will diminish.

5. Fever


This may sound weird, but if you are burning up place some onion slices in your socks while you sleep.

So there you have it: simple home remedies using onions, that don’t require great skills.

h/t: boredomtherapy

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