Man Is Buying Groceries For His Family Using Food Stamps, And This Woman Humiliates Him In Front of His Kids

Dad Gets Humiliated For Buying Groceries Using Food Stamps

U.S. has a welfare program that aims to help people who struggle to put some food on the table for their family and for themselves. Around 46 mil people use food stamps. It’s obvious that when someone is using this system is because they have no choice. This program aims to help those who struggle to find a job or just don’t earn enough.

I know that there should be no shame in using the welfare program when you need it, but somehow there are some people who disagree…

When this man was about to pay his groceries with food stamps, the woman that was waiting in line started an intense argument about the welfare system. And this took place in front of their kids, which makes it even worse.

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For things to be clear, the video starts in the middle of the argument, so we don’t know who and started it. Although it’s a little unclear what she says, the man replies: “You know, I put in 50-60 hour weeks… trying to provide for my family.”

“You’re not providing for it, I am,” the woman said back. “The government is. They take it out of my check. Bullsh*t they don’t. That’s exactly what you vote for, they give it to you so that you vote that way. I’m not stupid. I have a degree. I’m pretty damn smart,” she tells him.




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