This Street Musician Was About To Call It A Day… But Then These Kittens Showed Up And Did THIS

As a street musician is really hard to find a real audience that has the time to sit and listen to you.

On the streets of Pangkor, Malaysia, a musician was giving a performance and no one seemed to really care. Until something changed and someone came in to support the man. This Malaysian street musician had a big surprise by getting the most unexpected audience, a sweet group of kittens. When he was about to call a day, these kittens showed up to enjoy the show. It’s for real, I’m not kidding you! Those kittens were standing right there in front of the man, bobbing their head, proving that they were really listening to the man’s music.


A group of adorable kittens stopped next to this musician and sat patiently listening to his song.

Watch their reaction when the man plays his music:

When you’ve thought you’ve seen it all, life comes in and shows you more. Those kittens really made my day. So much cuteness in one place.

BONUS! Two adorable and funny kittens boping their heads in sync with music:

main photo screenshot

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