Students Challenge Nerdy Teacher To Dance Off. And His Response Sets Them On Fire

There are teachers that will teach you not only math, english, science etc. Teachers can also ‘school’ you at life. From my point of view this is way more important, and humanity actually needs more professors like this one.

It is “funny” how you realise that school doesn’t always show you how to deal with life. It kinda teaches you in which books you should look in if you need a theoretical information. And if you are smart enough you will know what to do with that information. There is more to say about the good things that school teaches you, but will leave that for another time.

Teachers are a very important role in children’s lives. The video below is a very good example.

In this case the students ambushed their teacher in the cafeteria for an instant dance off and as you’ll see they weren’t expecting him to give course to their challenge. So he pulled out this awesome and flaw less Irish jig.

Enjoy the video!


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He’s a really cool teacher! Nice job professor, nice job!

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