They Found These Kittens Abandoned at Their Door. And Then They Noticed The Legs of The One on The Left…

Kitten With Twisted Arms and Legs Survives Miraculously

abandoned kitten with twisted arms and legs

These two kittens were just a few hours old when they were found abandoned at the LA’s Kitten Rescue shelter’s door. They were covered in amniotic fluid and had their umbilical cords still attached.

Most likely, they were abandoned because they were born with serious genetic abnormalities. The kittens had their arms and legs awkwardly twisted and this could means that in the future simple walking would have been a nearly impossible challenge.

Unfortunatly, only one of them survived, her name is Pretzel. She had a strong will to live, and her personality turned out to be no different than any other cat.


Watch their full heart touching story in the video below:


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Today, Pretzel has the perfect mom and she takes good care of her. She is Michelle’s first cat and she loves Pretzel so much, unconditionally, that she wouldn’t want it any other way.

People have helped Michelle to raise money for getting Pretzel a wheelchair and now she is able to move freely for the first time in her life.

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