Circus Lion Lived For 20 Years In an Old Pick Up Truck. Now WATCH His Reaction When He’s Finally Released

Circus Lion Lived For 20 Years In an Old Pick Up Truck.

Mountain lion Mufasa was liberated from chains after he lived 20 years in the back of an old and rusty pick up truck


Kids love the circus, they find it really funny when an animal is doing tricks. But then they grow up and realise how horrible circus’ really is and how animals are treated. Did you know that almost 96% of a circus animal’s life is spent in cages and chains? Yeah, that sounds really cruel, and it is.

Faith in humanity has not faded! Luckily there are organisations that fights for the animals rights, like Animal Defenders International (ADI). They managed to rescue mountain lion Mufasa from a circus in Peru. Although the use of wild animals in circuses is banned in Peru, he live for 20 years in the back of an old pick up truck. Authorities were involved in his release, the police was called to corner the last circus in Peru and Mufasa was cut from his chains.

Finally he got the life that he deserved, to live in his habitat as a free animal.

See his heartwarming story of his release in the video below:


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All animals deserve to live in the environment they were supposed to live.

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