This Single Mother Of 4 Can’t Afford Groceries, Then A Man Amazes Her With Kindness

food stamps

If you have the means to do it, how many of you would help a person in need? That’s the question that those at the show Primetime: What Would You Do? wanted to answer. In order to do that they tested fellow shoppers at a store to see who would help a supposed mother of 4 that can’t afford to pay her groceries.

Some of them had the most wonderful reactions and helped the mom in need without  any hesitation.

Just watch how people responded:


Would you have help that laddy? Or you would have mind you own business buying your groceries and walk away back to your life? It’s hard to make that decision, you may think that woman is trying to scam people. But what if she’s not? Here is when we should risk our money or not, with these types of action, helping others.

Helping a person in need sends humanity a powerful message. This is not something this woman would do: Man Is Buying Groceries For His Family Using Food Stamps, And This Woman Humiliates Him In Front of His Kids

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