She Found A Rubber Band Wrapped Around Her Door Handle. Now She Warns Everyone To Be Aware Of This

Woman is warning homeowners to be aware of rubber band brake-ins


Nowadays, robbers keep up with the constantly advancing technology and they came up with new ways to outsmart them. Kim Fleming Cernigllaro, from Texas, almost had her house broken into by a burglar that used this method. Luckily, she has a golden rule to not open the door to strangers.

Long story short, burglars wrap a rubber band around the door handle and then knock very loud at the door, making the person inside think it’s an emergency. When the home owner opens the door, the burglar quickly busts in on him. In general, burglars tend to attack when a person is home alone and this is not hard to see why.

So, as a general advice, if you ever find a rubber band on your door knob, although nobody broke in, it’s best to call the police because you have been monitored by thieves and they know your schedule.

This is what Kim did, and she was right!


Rubber Band brack-in tactic 1



She explains in a facebook post: “The Sheriff came by yesterday and said this is happening all of a sudden, as soon as you unlatch the door, they do not wait for you to turn the knob, they can bust in on you.”


Rubber Band brack-in tactic 2



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