She Loves To Party, But Her New Shoes Are Killing Her. So She Does THIS Simple Trick



It’s really difficult to find the right pair of shoes, isn’t it? And when you do find that perfect shoes for a night out or for any other special events, you realize they are just a little bit too tight. It’s like a nightmare because, you know they will “eat” your feet alive.

All of this is about to end. The video you’re about to see shows a simple trick you can do to stretch your shoes. If you want to do this trick, then talk to your roommates first to be sure they are ok with it and so that they won’t find you weird.


For this trick you’ll only need two plastic sandwich bags and some water. And that’s it, you just have to put your shoes into the freezer. One thing you may want to do before putting them into the freezer is to wrap those shoe in a bag. You’ll have to leave them into the freezer until the water hardens into ice. Then you have to take them out and leave them for 20 minutes to thaw. And when the time is up, remove the ice packs.

This method can stretch the shoes out to a half or a maximum of one full size. Don’t forget to wipe them dry.

That’s it. Now your shoes will fit you perfectly!

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