This Dog Crawled Into A Garden To Die… But Her Amazing Full Recovery Will Melt Your Heart

dying street dog rescued

A street dog in India suffered a severe trauma to her head. She had managed to crawl into a garden where she collapsed. Luckily for her, rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited were notified and got there on time and picked her up and took her to the shelter.

After two weeks of treatment the dog’s condition didn’t show much improvement, so the saviors were concerned that she might have a permanent brain damage. The threat of dying appears to be very real and very close.

But they didn’t give up on her and they continued treating her and at the three week mark something incredible happened. She made an incredible breakthrough.

WARNING!  This video contains graphic images.


Although they thought she was dead at the moment when they found her, she managed to make an amazing recovery. And all this is thanks to her rescuers. god bless those men who have such a big heart.

They named her Happy and now thanks to these heroes, now she runs around free and, of course, happy!

Share this incredible story of this dog and spread awareness! You can also help them by donating some money, find out more on their website, Animal Aid Unlimited.

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