Hidden Camera Shows Hilarious Video Of Dad Watching The Kids Like A True Champ

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Hidden Camera Shows Funny Video With Dad While Watching The Kids

We know that dads are the best when it come to the fun part of raising they children. And this that does his job properly. Not that moms are not good at this, but they don’t have the time to do it, so here is when dads get in for the party.

Rujeana is the mother of two children and she decided to set up a camera in their living room. She wanted to record some images with her kids so that grandma can see the cute things they do when they play. So she had a big and beautiful surprise to see how her husband, Mike Jordan, takes care of the kids when she’s not around.

“My wife set the camera up to record the kids dancing to send to grandma and then went out on the front porch to decorate for Halloween. I crashed the party,” Mike Jordan said.

He is the dad of the year and honestly, I want to buy this man a beer.


photo: screen shot

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