A Wild Bear Came To A Man’s Open Window. What Happens Next? Mind Blowing


man feeds a Wild Bear

Usually when we hear about bears getting too close to humans or walking around on city streets or any other type of close encounter, horrible scenarios come in our minds because accidents of this type do happen.

The video you’re about to see is an exception from this rule. It was filmed in Kolyma, a region located in Russia’s far east, by an oil worker. He captured this stunning moment when a big wild bear came to his workstation’s window, probably in his search for food.

Instead of doing what 99.99% of this world’s population would have done, he’s colleague decides to feed this wild beast. Maybe, in those parts of the world, people are used to bears and vice-versa.

See for yourself:



It’s all fun and games, but what happened when he runs out of cookies? I sure don’t want to witness that. Or to see a bear face to face. Only at the Zoo, although I’m not a Zoo fan.

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