Mosquitoes Always Bite Me More Than My Friends. THIS Is The Reason Why…



When I think about mosquitoes, I always think that perfect summer nights get ruined by these little vampires. But why are attacking mostly me? Why am I their perfect victim? I’m pretty sure you have the same problem. It’s like they know we’re having a great time and they want to ruin it.

The fact is, there are a few reasons why this is happeing all the time. A number of biological factors determine their attraction to certain people.

The most common reason why mosquitos are so attracted to you is due to the amount of lactic acid that you are producing. So basically, the more you are producing, the more mosquitoes are attracted in sucking your blood.

Another key factor is your blood type. And yes, I know you can not change that, but it’s attracting mosquitoes. The persons who have type O blood are more likely to get bitten by them, followed by those with B and then A respectively. Also mosquitoes are attracted to the our carbon dioxide emissions (it’s a sign for them that a warm-bodied host is nearby).

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