Dad Pretends To Slap The Baby, Now Keep Your Eyes On The Cat

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We are used to seeing dogs who have powerful protective instincts, especially when it comes to babies. On the other hand, we are used to cats, being cats: not caring, doing only what they want, or….being jerks.

Now, let’s be honest, sometimes cats are jerks. They are funny and all when they are cubs, but once they grow up they transform.

Well… not in this case. In the video you are about to watch, the man which we believe to be the father, is playing with his baby. So, to make the little one laugh, he started slapping the baby’s chair. (from my point of view it’s fascinating how babies are mesmerized by the simplest of things).

At that point, the cat comes into  action. At first, by gently jumping on the man’s hand, but when she notices he is not going to stop, she attacks him, protecting “her cub” like any mother would.

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As a BONUS, watch how Sebastian, a Newfoundland dog, protects the little girl when she walks on the edge of the covered pool.

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