They Pause To Stare At Each Other. When She Turns Back Around? STUNNING!

They Pause To Stare At Each Other. When She Turns Back Around STUNNING

I love a good dance routine! Everybody does! We are going to present you an outstanding dance execution made by the group Duo Flame at Ukraine Got Talent. This is why I love Youtube, you can get to see so many talented artists from all over the world. In a way, I feel it really connects people in a truly beautiful way.

But what this lovely couple managed to pull out is simply stunning! I truly can’t find other words to describe their performance. And this really is something that you can call performance. For their lovely dance they choose Lara Fabian’s “Je t’aime”. The song was the perfect fit for this presentation. An awesome song combined with an awesome performance.

Check their amazing performance:


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It’s impressive in so many ways, especially the aerobatics. And their routine is simply amazing, it really touched me deep. This is what I love about artists, they know how to express themselves through art. A great performer can express with its act those feelings we all have. Beside the entertainment, he communicates with his audience emotion in such way that it feels like you are absorbed by it. This couple got my full attention since they started to dance until the music stopped playing.

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