Giant Anaconda Attacks Human Caught On Camera, 10 Most Insane Attacks!

When I first saw this video I said to myself that nature does fight back. Maybe we, humans, have been hunting way too many animals… It’s one thing to kill an animal for your survival and a totally other thing to kill it for pleasure.

Now when I think of anacondas, the thing that pops in my head is a giant terrarium at some sort of circus where people can observe it, right? But, no, they also live in the wild or sometimes they live near towns.

I don’t know why the people in the video you are about to see were near that creature in the first place. In a way they were asking for it! Would you put yourself in the situation of touching a 30 feet long creature weighing up to 550 lbs, that can’t be tamed? The only “good” thing about anacondas is they are not venomous.

Warning: the video contains graphic images!


via Top Facts

I don’t like snakes and I’ll avoid them as much as I can.  And I think everyone should.

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