Amazing Ancient Roman Tactics Used By Korean Riot Police To Stop Rioters

One of the most important things in life, without any doubt, is discipline. Discipline makes the difference between losing or winning (in life in general).

Riot police is the police who are trained, organized, deployed  and equipped to face protesters. They use a special riot gear in order to help protect themselves and to attack others. The gear typically includes personal batons, armor, riot shields and helmets.

I know the police must train well and it takes time to reach a certain level of efficiency. The Korean Riot Police, which is an elite unit from the National Korean Police Agency shows how a group of rioters can be fought using ancient roman military tactics that require a great deal of coordination and discipline. And a lot of practice.

I always love seeing police forces doing their job, and I’m pretty sure you do too, so enjoy this video.


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10/10 Caesar approves!

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