Boxer Knocks Out Thugs For Throwing A Lit Cigarette At His Girlfriend

I’m against violence! I think violence is not the answer. However, there are exceptions.

Let’s take this case: a man is on a date with his girlfriend. They pass near two thugs, two very stupid thugs who decided it would be nice to play it cool (their tiny egos needed a little attention), so one of them throws A LIT CIGARETTE at the man’s girlfriend (this isn’t a manly act at all).

At first, they are ignored by the couple, but since they were really searching for trouble, they didn’t stop there. From what it appears, they started a verbal confrontation with the girl’s boyfriend. And then the the girl’s boyfriends decided to do what’s best in order to protect his girlfriend. He stood up for her.

I’m not going to tell more. Just watch the video and judge for yourself!


via johan Moris.

What would you have done if you were in his place. Yes, I know he’s a professional boxer, but excluding this, what would you have done if that man was you? And yes I know it’s hard to make this decision. I think I would have continued to walk, trying to ignore (if possible) those two men. Since they did that gesture, I’m pretty sure they were trying to get some trouble. And I wouldn’t have risked my girlfriend to get hurt.

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