This Is A Magical Trick For Transferring VHS Tapes To Your Computer, And It’s Super Simple!

A Magical Trick For Transferring VHS Tapes To Your Computer featured

Learned how to digitally record old analog VHS movies onto your computer by using one simple cable.

I remember the time when VHS was THE THING, and I’m sure you do too. Do you remember filming back then? We had to be careful to not ruin the tape… Back then I was only a kid so everything was cool and normal.

It’s clear that VHS tapes are a thing of the past. Nowadays, technology helps us record and store our footage at one click of the mouse.

However, we’ve got hours and hours of personal footage that isn’t stored in our computers. It’s still on the old VHS tapes.

The video you are about to see will show you what to do to transfer the footage from VHS tapes to your computer.


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This isn’t an illegal thing to do. If you have paid for the original VHS and you want to keep a modern copy in your archive it’s not illegal. Some people on Youtube comments that this is an illegal action. But if you have some of your personal video recorded on VHS tapes, this is the simple way to transfer them onto your computer.

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