Watch This Prepper Who Saved His Home With An Aqua Dam

“Prepper” is a word that is associated with people who fear that the world as we know it might come to an end (zombie apocalypse, meteorite striking, pole shift), just got itself a new meaning.

Meet Randy Wagner. He lives in Texas, and his life would have been affected by the flood if it wasn’t for his quick and out of the box thinking. When he realized that the flood will destroy his house, the man drove all the way to Louisiana to buy an “Aqua Dam”. He spent on it $8300, and as it turned out, this was the smartest move he could have made in this terrible situation.

The “Aqua Dam” is a 400 feet long, 30 inch tall plastic and fabric tube that is filled with water. Fully filled, it forms a natural barrier against water. Water stops water!

This is what the man said about his acquisition and how others reacted: “I was the crazy guy. Everybody was kinda, y’know, goin’ by laughing at me. But today they’re really impressed with this.”

The flood never went over 27″ so it never broke the barrier making Randy’s house look like an island.

For more details, watch the following video

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