If You Enter This Code In Your iPhone, It Reveals Something Very Surprising

The iPhone is a symbol when it comes to modern gadgets. It reinvented mobile phones by taking them to a whole new level. Now we use smartphones for basically everything, from taking cool selfies to browsing the internet. With other words the smartphone is a pocket computer.

Now everyone can install dozens and dozens of apps in their iPhones, apps that can either entertain or help or even save lives.

But wouldn’t it be nice if you found out your smartphone can do more than that?

Here are some codes that give you access to some really cool features in your iPhone:


1. Hide your phone number.


Type #31# before making a phone call



2. You can find out your signal strenght.


You just have to call *3001#12345#* and hold the power button. The options will appear on your screen.


Watch for the power down screen pop up, and hold the home button until you see the home screen.


Now, everything will look the same with a little exception. Instead of seeing your normal signal bars, your phone will display a precise number which measures the signal strength.


Here is what that number means:



3. How to find your phone’s ID number.


You have to type *#06#. The phone will reveal the IME number. This number is unique.



4. How to see the route all your texts take.


When you send a text it gets routed via a message center and nod directly to the person you are sending to. So you have to call *#5005*7672#  to find out your wireless carrier’s hub number.


5. This is how you can block calls and use call waiting and call forwarding.


They can be useful but come with a fee.


Using short codes you can put people on hold, block calls or even send calls to you voicemail.

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